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Bamboo.Prevalence - a .NET object prevalence engine


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System Requirements

All you need to start using Bamboo.Prevalence in your projects is the .NET framework runtime.

If you want to build Bamboo.Prevalence you are going to need:

Getting Started

  1. Read the Object Prevalence Skeptical FAQ
  2. Download Bamboo.Prevalence
  3. Take a look at the included examples and test cases, you can start by taking a look at MyFirstPrevalentSystem
  4. Start writing your own prevalent system classes
  5. Subscribe to the mailing lists
  6. Post questions, suggestions and comments (bug reports are always welcome as well)


Do you want to help? Drop me a line.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Other Resources

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Bamboo.Prevalence - a .NET object prevalence engine
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